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Mohanlal massages Mathamma!

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Last week a hilarious comedy scene was picturised on Mohanlal by director Murali Nagavally for his Alexander The Great.

The scene was shot at the swimming pool of Udaya Samudra in Kovalam and featured Mohanlal, Jagadish and a British girl Mary.

The scene had the Alexander played by Mohanlal massaging Mary, a white woman near the swimming pool. Jagadish who plays a character called SRK (a take on Shah Rukh Khan), comes and teases him on massaging a foreigner. Alexander winks at him and asks - Ninakku Mathamede Koode Kulikkano? (Do you want to have a bath with the white woman?)

“Alexander the character played by Mohanlal is a kind hearted genius, only Lalettan can play the role”, says the writer of the film C.Balachandran, a former sub editor with ‘Times of India’ in Mumbai, who is making his debut as a screenplay writer with this film.

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