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Mohanlal Run Baby Run Review

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Mohanlal Run Baby Run Review - Coming Soon

Run Baby Run review

Director- Joshiy

Producer- Milan Jaleel

Cast- Mohanlal, Amala Paul, Biju Menon, Saikumar, Siddique etc.

Music- Ratheesh Vega

Editing – Shyam Sasidharan

Review By : Unni R Nair/

I won’t say I didn’t like ‘Run Babby Run’. But I would definitely have liked it a bit more if it had been a bit more pacy and loud. I would have liked it a bit more if at least a couple of characters had been worked out in a better way. Still, I won’t say I didn’t like ‘Run Babby Run’, director Joshiy’s Onam offering.

Venu (Mohanlal) is a television cameraman of international repute and is known as ‘Reuters’ Venu. Having spent a few years out of Kerala, he is back on an assignment. He comes face to face with Renu (Amala Paul), his former lover. They were all set to get married, a few years back. On the eve of their wedding something wrong happened and Venu decided he has nothing to do with Renu. They had together covered a scam involving industrialist Rajan Kartha (Siddique) and senior politician Bharathan Pillai (Saikumar) for the new television channel to be launched by their friend Rishi (Biju Menon), but immediately after that things went totally wrong and it all ended up in Venu and Renu parting ways. Now, Venu is back in Kerala and he comes face to face with Renu.

Rishi’s channel NBI is now launched and struggling. Renu works with another channel, Bharath TV. Venu, who is staying with Rishi, gets an offer to do a special task. He is informed that a murder is likely to take place at the behest of Bharathan Pillai. He has to cover the murder, but do nothing to prevent it as it’s inevitable. He’d be accompanied by a reporter too, he is said. The reporter turns out to be none other than Renu. Venu doesn’t want to accept it, but since he has committed and has been let into the secret information, he has to go on with it. From there develops the rest of the story.

There are many situations that may appear unrealistic. There are things that seem to be handled in a rather silly manner, like for example Venu’s behaviour with Renu after they part and later come face to face. We begin to doubt if it was really a break-up or just a pretension. He seems to behave rather funny and childish. Well, that doesn’t affect the flow of the whole thing.

The film, on the whole, is not bad. It has nothing new or extraordinary to offer, but the plot that is at hand has been deftly executed. Most of the twists are predictable, but still we’d like seeing it. I just felt that if characters like those played by Biju Menon, Shammi Thilakan, Vijayaraghavan etc were a bit more worked on, the film could have been better.

As of now, I’d say go watch Run Babby Run if you don’t mind watching a predictable action flick and also for Mohanlal and Amala Paul and Joshiy and writer Sachy. This is what I expected out of this Joshiy-Sachy-Mohanlal film and I feel this could turn out to be a box office hit.


Mohanlal is good; he does full justice to his role. Amala Paul plays her part convincingly. Biju Menon, Saikumar, Siddique and all others fit into their respective roles perfectly well.

Technical aspects

The technicians- cinematographer R.D.Rajashekhar, art-director Joseph Nellickal, editor Shyam Sasidharan etc have rendered full support to director Joshiy in making the film. They all have done their work perfectly well.


Ratheesh Vega has provided perfect background score, as suits the theme and the tempo of the film. The lone song, rendered by Mohanlal is just so so and may not appeal even to die-hard fans.


Sachy, of the Sachy-Sethu duo, has done a good job of the script. Still, he could have handled the characterization in a better way. There is nothing extraordinary as regards characters or characterization. He has balanced the lead players, but when it comes to the other characters, most of them seem mere props. There could have been one character like Narain’s in ‘Robinhood’, which would have worked out better. The film should also have been a bit more pacy.


Joshiy is in full control. As usual, he has done full justice to the subject at hand and has delivered perfectly well.

Verdict- Predictable but watchable thriller, typical Joshiy film.

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