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Christian Brothers Review

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Christian Brothers review:

- Theatre: Dreams (Attingal)

- Showtime: 8 am


*Direction: Execelent

*Screenplay: Awesome

Movie starts with a Spectacular logo & theme music.. As usual in Joshiy film, movie Intro. is nice.. Starts vth a story telling of Lalettan's Family. Then each characters are introduced well. Then, change over in story line & Lalettan Inro. vth a Fans spl mood. Progressing vth small twists. Really Lalettan scores well in 1st half.. Super dialogues & fight sequences... Interval punch is superb vth Lalettan's dialogue like T20. 2nd half is focusing more on Family relationships & it works well. Characters combo is nice. Some good commedy by Dileep & a Family touching dialogues by Suresh Gopi r really watchable. Climax is just awesome like T20.

Pace of d movie, Lalettan's performance, Dileep's commedy, 3 Songs, Screen presence of S.G & Sarath Kumar

Nothing to say, if didn't portrays a well critic's review

*Rating: 4/5

*Box-Office Verdict: Block-blaster of 2011

NB: T20's initial & total gross records will be history 4m today... Reserve ur tickets quickly...

Theatre Verdict : Block Buster


saw FDFS from tvm NEW......

padakku movie...alla vedi kettu movie...alla athilum appuram........hoo marakam...

Lalettan nte oro scenesum introduction annu enne thonnu..marakam anna marakam...joshy sir tnks...Siby udan chettan mare.....tnks.......1st half dialognte pooram aaaneee..Lalettan suresh ettan, dileep oke kidikkittundu...

2nd half swalpam family super actions, vedikketu climax ellam ellam ellam...nammal enthoke aagrahikkuno athokke, alla athil appuram CB yil undu.....Guys eee review il CB ye rate chyan polum namukku pattilla..athilum appuram annu CB.....Reivew onnum aarum nokkan nikkanda enjoyyyyyyyyy with Chrisiti n Brothers...

Verdict: 9.9/10

For lalettan 10/10,

Sure BlockBuster

Review: Sajeev (WWOMFCWA)


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