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Kandahar - Review

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The director of military oriented movies, Major Ravi is back with a similar subject with his favorite star Mohanlal. It is based on a real incident, a plane hijack, happened many years before. Major Mahadevan, who was the hero in 'Keerti Chakra' and 'Kurukshetra', is back to lead the mission. The main attraction here is that Amitabh Bachan has done a notable guest appearance in the movie. After the hindi movie 'RGV Ki Aag', this is Big B's second combination with

Lal. Ganesh Venkatraman ('Abhiyum Naanum', 'Unnaippol Oruvan' fame) did the second lead. Hero's own banner, Pranavam International is the lead producers of the movie. It is more important this is Mohanlal's first movie in the role of a military officer, after he has awarded the Lieutenant Colonel rank.

The story opens by showing the retd. professor (Amitab Bachan) advising his son Soorya (Ganesh Venkatraman), to be more serious and become independent in his life. The son meets Major Mahadevan (Mohanlal) and tells his wish, as per request from the Major he joins the army. On the other hand, the recruitment of a local youth (Soorya's friend) to the terrorist organization is also shown. After the vigorous training, Soorya is being recruited under Major's wing. At this time, the plane hijack happens and how Major and his team went on a mission to free the passengers are shown later.

We all know the real incidents behind the Kandahar plane hijack, but the director had given his own version for the story here. He don't want to commit the mistake, he has done in the case of 'Mission 90 Days' (based on Rajiv Gandhi assassination and its after effects). But, he has not created the plane hijack and the related mission episodes in the best way. The hijacking is happening in the second half, more over the mission is ending all on a sudden, with in minutes. That episode is lacking the tense situations and the drama required (we have seen many hollywood movies , where the whole movie might be running through hijacking scenes alone). The way in which the Major taking in charge of the mission is not shown in a realistic manner. Though the situation demands so, the hero's attempt to fly the plane and its after effect shots are cinematic. The two gun fire operations (one in the flashback and other against militants in the jungle) are shown to substantiate that this is a military oriented subject. There is an over doze of hindi dialogues in the whole movie, more over Ganesh Venkatraman's difficulty in the lip movements are evident even in the middle of an acceptable performance. The comedy used (only in a single scene) featuring Anoop Chandran and Jaffer Idukki is not needed and a childish one. The presentation of the scene in which the cadets behaving to their group leader inside such a disciplined set up, cannot be acceptable at any cost. The news visuals shown in the channel (real ones also) creates a confusion about the period of the happenings.

Amitabh Bachan is there in few scenes only, but he made his screen presence as usual with his excellent performance. The military roles are like tailor made ones for Mohanlal, he is also at his best. The couple of combination scenes featuring Mohanlal and Bachan are good, but the one towards the end felt lengthy. As usual there is no importance for female artists in the movie, even then KPAC Lalitha did well in the worried mother's role. The dialogues told by her character regarding her son's uneven journey is good. The patriotic dialogues used in the movie are good. The behavior of the lorry driver and the bike riders seeing the military vehicle, the child's act inside the plane etc are the few appreciated moments shown. Major Ravi also comes in the role of a trainer. Cinematography by Ravi Varman and Velraj is rich and colorful. Don Max is the editor. Songs by Shamir Tandon are not the best. New comer Vivek's bg score is ok.

'Kandahar' is not extra ordinary enough to be rated best among the military oriented subjects happened so far; the combination of two great actors in the country in addition to some patriotic situations holds the main attraction in the movie.

Rating : 6 / 10


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